Exporting a car or cars

Your guarantee of a good sale

Finding high-quality international buyers for your new or used cars is not something you just do when you have a spare minute. It is important to know who you are doing business with. We are part of the major international automotive retail organisation Emil Frey, which is why we enjoy a strong position within Europe. Our knowledge of the market and our extensive network you can depend on means we know how to find the right sales channels.

The right price - without any risk

Changes to legislation and regulations, unfamiliar documentation, the actual exporting of the car(s)…doing business internationally involves certain risks, which worries our team of professionals will be happy to take off your hands. We can organise the entire process for you in accordance with the latest legislation and regulations - and we also make sure you get the right price for your product.

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This is why you choose Emil Frey Car Trading to be your export partner

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Happy to handle your enquiry

Can’t sell your car(s) in your own country? We know all the ins and outs of the international car trade. We look forward to dealing with your enquiry.
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We know where to find the best sales channels

We belong to a major international retail organisation, which is why we have both a strong position in the marketplace and a network you can depend on. We combine this with our extensive knowledge of international markets, so we always know how to find the right sales channels.
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We can organise the entire process for you

From negotiations to the actual exporting, we can organise the entire process for you. We always do this in line with the latest international legislation and regulations.
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You get the right price

The right price for your car(s) - this is what we stand for. We can organise the entire process for you - you just reap the rewards!