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Get to know our team

Emil Frey Car Trading runs on a strong team of professionals who do everything they can to provide customers with a full-service solution, from purchasing to importing and exporting, from documentation to legislation & regulations and transportation - we do all this and more. We are constantly ‘going through the gears’ to find the right undertaking the right car at the right price.

So, what makes us so special? Well, we’re happy to tell you!


Roderik Cremers

roderik cremers
Working at Emil Frey Car Trading since 2022

Whether you’re importing or exporting, there’s a lot to consider. You have to know what you’re doing and who you’re doing business with.

‘Our customers have to be able to concentrate on what they’re good at, and it’s actually the same for us: whereas we are specialists in the whole area of international car trading, our customers tend to specialise in automotive retail. We are part of a major international holding company, enjoy a strong position in the marketplace, have a team of professional colleagues and a network we (and you) can depend on. When you combine all this with our specialist knowledge of the relevant international legislation and regulations, we have everything we need to make a successful deal for everyone involved.’

International Purchasing Manager

Robert van der Hoek

Working at Emil Frey Car Trading since 2022

I am the adjunct to the used-car manager.

‘Buying used cars is like being a top athlete: you have to be quick on your toes, you mustn’t miss any a(u)ction and you don’t get a second chance. It’s my job to secure quality cars for our customers at the right price. So, I am actually the adjunct to - i.e. the extension of - the used-car manager. This means a good deal is a deal that ensures that our customers can sell good cars with the right profit margin.’

Team Member, Commercial Sales Office

Frank Bessem

Working at Emil Frey Car Trading since 1999

I make sure that everything is right for our customers and suppliers

‘When you’ve been working in one place for as long as I have then it’s hard to say what you actually do. This is why I often describe myself as the ‘spider at the centre of the web’. As a team member of the Commercial Sales Office, I am responsible for the entire operational process. I also organise national and international transportation and documentation and in fact everything that has to be done to provide our customers and suppliers at home and abroad with a full-service, worry-free solution. The devil is in the detail, which I luckily have an eye for. Agreements must be honoured and the whole process must comply with the latest legislation and regulations. In short: everything has to be just right and I make sure it is.’