About NCT

Emil Frey Car Trading takes care of importing and exporting new and used cars.

Once started with supplying cars to diplomats all over the world, Emil Frey Car Trading nowadays specialises in finding differences in supply and demand between European countries.

The variation in supply and demand leads to price differences. Emil Frey Car Trading is dedicated to letting her customers benefit from these differences.

Being part of Emil Frey Nederland, Emil Frey Car Trading is a solid and experienced partner for both her customers and suppliers.

Emil Frey Nederland NV is an umbrella holding of a large number of (dealer) retail companies and is a strong player in the automotive industry. Although the name Emil Frey Nederland has not been used for long, the company already has a great history. Emil Frey Nederland stems from the Nefkens Groep which has been founded in 1878 by the Nefkens brothers. Emil Frey Nederland is in turn part of Porsche Holding Salzburg.

If you are interested in buying new or used cars from abroad or if you want to export new or used cars? Please contact us so we can prove you our added value!